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Upper School Boys


The Upper School at YTE consists of 5th–8th grades with separate divisions for boys and girls. Students acquire middle school skills like note-taking, organized persuasive writing, and higher level problem solving. Over the course of the day, students are busy with Limudei Kodesh, General Studies, and Ivrit. Below are topics covered in middle school:



  • Gemara: Perek Ele MetziusPerek Hamafkid, and Makkos.

  • Chumash: Sefer Shemos, Sefer Bamidbar, Sefer Devarim

  • Skills: Mastery over reading and explaining Rashi; compare and contrast other mefarshim, know key Gemara vocabulary words and abbreviations, attain comfort with abstract ideas and structure of Gemara

  • Middos: Moshlei Halashon program (learning the halachos of ona'as devarim)

  • Navi: Sefer Shoftim, Sefer Melachim Aleph and Megillah Esther; learn how the Navi relates to Torah

  • Halacha: All minor and major holidays, Hilchos Rosh Chodesh, Tefilla, Kashrus, Brachos, and Shabbos

  • Tefilla: Davening with a school minyan daily for Shacharis

  • Ivrit: Daf Yomi L'yeladim: Seder Moed


  • Language Arts: Elements of Literature: Creative Writing, Informative Report, Research Paper, Persuasive Writing, Analyzing Prose and Poetry, Novels

  • Math: Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, Geometry, Ratio and Proportion, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra

  • Social Studies: World History and Geography, US History (Beginning–Reconstruction), US History (1877–21st Century)

  • Science: Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Chemistry

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