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Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program provides the strong foundation upon which all future learning is built. Children are immersed in a developmentally appropriate curriculum which encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.


In the toddler and nursery classes (15 months–4 years), warm interactions with the teachers along with rich language and sensory experiences provide daily opportunities for growth. Through varied play and art activities as well as stories and songs, children are challenged to reach new developmental milestones. Children are introduced to Jewish concepts as they are ready, beginning with saying Modeh Ani and Shema as toddlers, and progressing to learning the stories contained in the weekly parsha and chagim.


Children continue to devote plenty of time to play and exploration in Pre-K (ages 4–5), in addition to being introduced to more formal academic instruction. Children learn to recognize both the Hebrew alef bet and the English alphabet in Pre-K, in addition to working on other literacy skills such as phonological awareness. Early math concepts are introduced through play based activities.


In Kindergarten (ages 5–6), children are introduced to the joys of reading in both Hebrew and English. Reading instruction is carefully sequenced and taught using research-based techniques. The study of chagim and parsha becomes more sophisticated, and formal writing and math instruction begins in kindergarten as well.


From the time that children first enter our program at 15 months, their growth in ahavat and yirat Hashem, as well as in social skills and middot, are as much of a priority as their cognitive and academic growth. Positive and joyous Jewish experiences, as well as lessons and coaching in good middot, are the vehicle for the personal development of our youngest students.

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