Elementary School


Our Elementary School is comprised of 1st–4th grades. Each day includes an excellent Judaic, Secular and Hebrew Language Curriculum, with enrichment activities incorporated throughout the year. A high level of achievement in both Judaic and secular realms is a key component in our education. Staff members possess a sincere desire to help each student by catering to specific needs and providing individualized instruction as necessary. Below are topics covered in each subject.


  • Hebrew reading fluency skills using Kriyah Neimah and Zoom into Correct Kriyah.

  • Chumash: Sefer Bereishit

  • Navi: Sefer Yehoshua (starting in 4th grade)

  • Skills: shorashim, suffixes, prefixes, gender, singular/plural, Rashi (starting in 2nd grade)

  • Halacha: related to holidays and Jewish life (1st–3rd), Taryag Mitzvoth (4th grade)

  • Middot: Konei Olam curriculum; focus monthly on a different midday (3rd grade), Shomrei Halation (4th grade)

  • Tefilla: Daven together daily by class for Shacharit

  • Emerging Reading and Writing Skills, Grammar

  • Vocabulary and Spelling

  • Spotlight on Literacy and novels

  • Number Sense and Operations

  • Time, Money, Calendar, Measurement, and Estimation

  • Problem Solving

  • Fractions, graphs, geometry

  • Community concepts

  • Geography: Map skills

  • Government and Services

  • Historical events

  • Native Americans

  • Plant and Animal life cycles

  • The Human Body: Major body parts and functions

  • Our Solar System

  • Units in Weather, Nutrition, and Earth Science

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