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Opportunities at YTE

Yeshiva Torat Emet was founded by a community of families who wanted to create a great school based on Torah values, a school with quality academics that strives to develop the whole person.

We believe that all YTE families can work together for the common good of the school. Every family, no matter their financial ability, work hours, number of children, age, or neighborhood, can be involved in helping YTE in some way.  We are thankful to parent volunteers who serve pizza lunch, make phone calls before events, sell raffle tickets, offer their professional services, chaperone school trips, serve on a committee or the Board of Directors, and make or solicit donations.

We also greatly value neighbors, friends, and grandparents who give generously to YTE.

To make a donation, please click on the donate button above.



Are you looking for a meaningful way to mark a loved one's birthday, anniversary, or yartzheit? Please consider sponsoring a Day of Learning. For more information, please contact Mrs. Joanna Pines, Director of Development, at


Yeshiva Torat Emet is a partner in the Create a Jewish Legacy initiative in Houston with the Houston Jewish Community Foundation. Creating your Jewish legacy ensures that your work and Jewish values will continue beyond your lifetime. It’s a meaningful, personal way to teach your children (and grandchildren) the value of philanthropy. Your legacy gift can be any size, and there are many ways to leave your legacy: bequest in a will, gifts of life insurance, retirement plans, or charitable remainder trusts. For the future of YTE, we invite you to partner with us by making a bequest or other planned gift today.

We are thankful for the 36 families who have already chosen to partner with us in this endeavor: Marvin and Stephanie Beasley, Samuel and Yaffa Behar, Rabbi Aaron and Batya Berger, Rabbi Chili and Yocheved Birnbaum, Rabbi Yaakov and Devorah Cohen, Rachel Davis, Tzvi and Malka Finman, Rabbi Moshe and Chevie Friedman, Rabbi Yerachmiel and Rochelle Garfield, David and Wendy Goldman, Rabbi Gavi Gordon, Rabbi Yossi and Faige Grossman, Gary and Shirley Katz, Rabbi Avrohom and Deena Kravetz, Rabbi Shlomo and Esti Littman, Rabbi Daniel and Nomi Masri, Rabbi Binyomin and Penina Medetsky, Rabbi Gershon and Tzippy Meisel, Rabbi Gidon and Malka Moskovitz, Shmuel Mytelka, Shira Mytelka, Rabbi Johnny and Devorah Ouzzan, Dr. Brian and Lindsay Passell, Eric and Joanna Pines, David and Malky Polatsek, Rabbi Yakov and Frumie Polatsek, Yechiel and Sara Polatsek, Jay Quinn, David and Darlene Schwartz, Andy and Stephani Serotta, Jeremy and Dahlia Simons, Rabbi Sammy and Michal Soussan, Mordechai and Bina Statfeld, Gavriel and Jessica Toso, Marc and Kayla Warren, Aaron and Rus Wersing, Rabbi Yehoshua and Fraydee Wender, Benzion and Sarah Zelmanowitz, and 2 anonymous families.


For more information, or to join our Legacy team, please contact Mrs. Joanna Pines, Director of Development, at

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