YTE is more than just an institution—we are one extended family which includes a network of parents, other special relatives and friends. As part of this family, we recognize the tremendous responsibility for the role that we, the school, plays in the lives of our children. Your child is the continuation of the Mesorah, and we look at parents and teachers as partners in transmitting this precious heritage to our next generation.

For the Parents

  • Orientation
  • Back to School Night
  • Open-House evening program
  • Friday Folder
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Music/Art/Science Specialties for Early Childhood
  • Hebrew Language shows
  • Guest speakers
  • Girls dance class
  • Girls drama class
  • Library program
  • Computers
  • PE coach
  • Boys soccer

Special Learning Programs

  • Konei Olam
  • Shomrei Halashon
  • Moshlei Halashon
  • TIKI
  • Tefillah Power

Services Offered

    • Speech screening
    • Vision/Hearing screenings
    • Child psychologist consultation
    • Title I services
    • Math Tutorial
    • Science Club
    • Drama Club
    • Early Childhood Professional Services
      • All School Shabbat celebrations
      • Rosh Chodesh specialties
      • Shofar Blowing
      • Shana Tova cards
      • Sukka parties and sukka hops
      • Chanuka programming
      • Tu B’shvat planting and outing
      • Adar/ Purim festivities and carnival
      • Pesach Hagadot and model Seders
      • Lag Ba’omer annual outing

      Special Programming

        • Student Visitations to Goldberg Towers and Seven Acres
        • Community Picnic
        • Community Chanuka Family Day
        • Academic Fair
        • Siddur Party (Morah Fraydee Wender)
        • Preschool Share-A-Thon events
        • PJ Party
        • Educational field trips
        • Book Fair
        • Tile painting project
        • 100th Day celebration

        Upper School Programming

        • Back to school kick-off event
        • Seder Simanim for Rosh Hashana
        • “Yom Tov at the Rebbi” program
        • Sukkah decorations/Sukkah parties
        • 9/11 program
        • Chanuka Trip and scavenger hunt
        • Asarah Betevet assembly
        • Tu B’shvat planting
        • Rosh Chodesh Adar festivities and special Adar days
        • Annual overnight retreat
        • Shabbatons (in- and out-of-town)
        • Melave Malkas
        • Field trips
        • Rosh Chodesh programs
        • Productions and shows
        • Community chessed venues
        • Kosher Month Trip with HKA
        • Tefilla Program & Trip (extra learning initiative)
        • Masmidei HaDaf Boys Learning Program
        • Yom Hatzmaut/Yom Yerushalayim programs
        • Lag Baomer field day/color war

        And more . . .

          • Picture day
          • Active PTA
          • Hot lunch
          • Bake Sale
          • Community Wide Dessert Reception
          • Women’s’ Fashion Show
          • Community Newsletter
          • SEED Summer Camp
          • Summer Learning Inititative