Our Faculty


Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfield

Head of School

In 2010, Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfield moved to Houston to lead YTE. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, Rabbi Garfield continued his rabbinic studies after high school. He studied for four years in Jerusalem, under the tutelage of Rabbi Zvi Kushelevsky.  After, he relocated to Baltimore, MD, where he earned a Bachelor of Talmudic Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College.  He received Smicha from Rabbi Berel Wein, which completed his Rabbinic Ordination.

In 2001, Rabbi Garfield moved with his young family to Atlanta. He began teaching ninth grade in the newly founded Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael, where he would eventually become the assistant principal. Rabbi Garfield received the Jewish Federation’s "Educator of the Year" award in 2006, representing all Jewish day schools in Atlanta. Concurrent to his teaching, Rabbi Garfield served for six years as the school counselor at the Torah Day School of Atlanta and as youth director at Congregation Ariel.

Rabbi Garfield holds a M.S. in Counseling and a Post-Masters Certificate in Supervision and Administration from Johns Hopkins University. He is also a Georgia state certified principal and has completed the Torah Umesorah National Fellowship for Principals program. Rabbi Garfield has written for Hamodia, a national Jewish newspaper, and produces a daily radio segment for Dirshu International. During the summer, Rabbi Garfield returns to Baltimore where he serves as adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, School of Education.

Mrs. Esti Littman
Early Childhood Director

Mrs. Esti Littman joined the staff of YTE in 2011 as a teacher, and now serves as director of the early childhood program. Since 1997, Mrs. Littman has taught children with varying learning styles and abilities in integrated preschool classrooms, dedicated resource rooms, and traditional environments.  She also served as an administrator at the renowned School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI) in Lakewood, NJ.  Mrs. Littman’s diverse educational experience reaching children on a wide range of developmental levels enriches her work at YTE.

Mrs. Littman graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a B.A. in Psychology and earned her M.S. in Special Education in 2001 from Adelphi University.

Rabbi Chaim Helprin
Assistant Principal Upper School and Limudei Kodesh Curriculum Coordinator
Rabbi Chaim Helprin has worked in the field of education as a rebbe/teacher, student activities coordinator, and middle school coordinator since 2003.  Rabbi Helprin learned in Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim for 10 years and received Smicha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, Av Beth Din, Jerusalem. Rabbi Helprin holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State College, Trenton NJ and a M.A. in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University.

Mrs. Faige Grossman
Assistant Principal 
General Studies and Student Support 

Mrs. Faige Grossman moved to Houston in 1998 and has been teaching in Houston ever since. After receiving a teaching certificate from Bais Yaakov Jerusalem (BJJ), Mrs. Grossman attended Staten Island University where she graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Special Education.

Mrs. Grossman has served in a number of educational capacities in private schools in Houston prior to joining YTE full time as coordinator of both general studies curriculum, and student support.  Mrs. Grossman is currently enrolled in Torah Umesorah's national principals fellowship program, an extensive training program for principals.

Mrs. Rachel Yaghobian
Ivrit Curriculum Coordinator and Special Projects

Support Staff

Mrs. Rivka Nathan
Business Manager


Mrs. Sarah Zelmanowitz
Business Assistant  

Ms. Mitzie Walker
Front Desk Coordinator 

Mrs. Joanna Pines
Director of Development 


Mrs. Risi Alexander
3rd and 4th Grade General Studies

Ms. Leslie Angelle 
Upper School Science  

Mrs. Maria Barkhausen
Kindergarten and 2nd Grade General Studies 

Mrs. Yaffa Behar
Early Childhood – Nursery

Rabbi Aaron Berger

Upper School Limudei Kodesh

Ms. Miri Brookhim
Early Childhood - Tiny Toddlers 

Mrs. Shira Buchwald 

Early Childhood - Nursery 

Mrs. Orly Fuerst
Upper School Language Arts and Social Studies

Mrs. Shaindy Ganz 
Early Childhood - PreK 

Mrs. Avital Goetz 
Early Childhood - PreK 

Rabbi Binyamin Goetz 
1st Grade Boys Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Gavi Gordon
4th and 8th Grade Boys Limudei Kodesh

Mrs. Efrat Hazan

Mrs. Vicky Hananel 
Early Childhood - Toddlers  

Rabbi Eliezer Kessler

3rd and 4th Grade Boys Limudei Kodesh


Mrs. Riva Korn
Kindergarten Limudei Kodesh


Mrs. Carol Ann Muskiet
Upper School Math

Mrs. Shira Mytelka 
Upper School Language Art and Social Studies  

Mrs. Malky Polatsek
2nd Grade Limudei Kodesh

Mrs. Ruthy Solaimani
Upper School Ivrit 

Ms. Sarah Steed
1st Grade General Studies  

Mrs. Fayga Trepp

7th Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh


Mrs. Cathy Tucker

Early Childhood – Toddlers

Mr. Tyrone Tyson
Upper School General Studies

Mrs. Chana Weisman
5th Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh

Mrs. Eileen Weinstein 
Upper School Math

Mrs. Fraydee Wender
1st Grade Limudei Kodesh