Dismissal Rules

Parents are asked to submit a dismissal form that describes how each child will be going home. We have provided this paper version; however, we prefer electronic submission of this information via the digital version of this form.

No student will be allowed to leave campus during the school day without a parent present to sign him/her out.

2:00 PM dismissal will be parent/carpool pick up only.

4:00 PM dismissal will have two options, parent pick up or student “Walkpool”.

The term “walkpool” refers to upper school students walking home independently or elementary/early childhood students walking home with upper school students.  Only children in 5th through 8th grades, who have a dismissal form filled out from their parents, will be permitted to walk home on their own, and may accompany younger students. Children in 4th grade and below will only be dismissed with the older student(s) identified on the dismissal form. (Please note: students who are picked up by parents and walk home are considered part of carpool.)

No child will be permitted to take his/her bike off campus without a helmet. There will be bike racks provided outside the school building, and a lock is suggested.

On days with inclement weather, ‘walkpool’ will not begin until 4:15 PM. Any ‘walkpool’ children who are not yet picked up by 4:15 PM will be allowed to walk home at that time unless we have been notified otherwise by a parent.

Please be aware: For any situational dismissal changes, parents can call the school office at 713-721-3900, or email carpool@ytehouston.org by 3:30 PM of that day. Students will only be released to an adult authorized by a parent.

YTE Houston,
Aug 8, 2016, 2:19 PM